World Enough and Time


"For me, getting older physically seems to be epitomized in the feeling that I look like my mother. She’s really attractive … It’s just that I can see that she’s older, and I’m not supposed to be." - Charlotte Wilson Hammond

"My view of the world is slowly becoming more integrated. Sometimes I feel as if I’ve walked to the top of a mountain, and can look down and see all around." - Lesia Gregorovitch

"Some women have told me that they’re too old at fifty. And I wondered to myself why - at fifty - would anyone think herself too old?" - Linda Silver Dranoff

"Now I look upon everything I do … and say, ’Is this how I’m going to be using the energy that I have, or am I going to use it in a different way?" - Roberta Bondar

"The most important thing is not to be afraid." - Kim Campbell

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