Yet Another Home


"Peter’s poetry brings together the old world of his ancestors and heritage, and the new world to which he has emigrated. In each country he is comfortable in his body and in his language. Peter is realistically aware, and honours the yin and yang of both his ’homes.’"- Beryl Baigent, poet, freelance writer and teacher

"Teachers have a gift for giving. As with all great teachers, Peter Jailall’s poetry gives its readers life’s lessons of tolerance and justice, sadness and laughter, pride and passion. Peter’s poetry has something important to say and to be learned. Its gift is that it is told with clarity and inventiveness."- Jim Giles, teacher, Peel Board of Education

"There are but few poets capable of touching us socially, politically and economically. However, Peter Jailall is one of these limited few; his work compels us to take note of our daily lives as we communicate with each other."- Kofi Casisi, teacher, poet

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